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Mark is a highly engaging and passionate speaker, bringing unique insights and a problem solving perspective to events and workshops across the globe. 


Mark is described as ‘brilliant, honest, charismatic and eloquent’, alongside having ‘boundless and optimistic energy’ by Professor Janath Krishnan and Professor Judi Stewart of Indiana University. 


Best known as an innovative, solution orientated lawyer and commercial advisor, Mark draws upon 3 decades of experience to discuss a broad range of topics.


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Mark is passionate about decoding the future and utilises his international experience to identify future business and legal trends. Whether you are looking for a speaker to bring perspective on digital transformation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Blockchain trends, Mark is sure to engage and inspire.

Example Decoding the Future topics: 

  • Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • The Future of Commerce

  • Leading through the storm and looking to the future

  • The future of contracting

  • Building a diverse team 

  • What does the future of blockchain mean for businesses?

  • Exploring the Impact of Nationalism and Populism and the associated difficulty for international contracting.

Future Glitch


Mark is a renowned international lawyer with over three decades of experience who can deliver engaging presentations on a number of legal topics.


A keen futurist, Mark is passionate about driving change within the legal system and speaks on a wide variety of topics including:

  • The Future of Justice

  • The Future of Law and Law Firms

  • Courts of the Future

  • Disruption within the Legal Sector

  • Artificial Intelligence in Law

  • Addressing the Justice Gap


Marks draws upon his extensive global experience and long-standing relationships with the Middle East and Asia to provide guidance on accessing and succeeding in new markets. 

Mark has been twice named as one of the ‘Top 50 Most Influential Brits in the UAE’  and one of the ‘100 Most Influential People in Dubai’ by Forbes Magazine.

Popular speaking topics include:  

  • Accessing Emerging Economies

  • How to succeed in the Middle East

  • The rise of Central Asia

  • Making money in China

  • The rise of Saudi Arabia and how to succeed in the Kingdom

  • Digitizing Money in Dubai


Mark Beer YouTube

Mark Beer YouTube


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Perhaps the last important piece put into place, administratively, during these early years occurred in 2008 with the naming of Mark Beer as the judiciary’s full-time, Dubai-based Registrar. In many ways Beer’s appointment helped further elevate the global presence, power and prestige of the DIFC Courts. Over the years, Beer’s reputation within the legal and business community has been stellar. He is thought of as brilliant, honest, charismatic, and eloquent, and someone who is seen as having boundless, optimistic energy." 

Professor Jayanth Krishnan, Milt and Judi Stewart Professor of Law; Director, Milt and Judi Stewart Center on the Global Legal Profession, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University in his book ‘The story of the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts’

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